'Thalathoon', 1998

Novel. Award winner of 'The best Arabic Creative Writing' 1999. Publisher: Department of Culture, Sharjah - UAE.

'Ka'anaha Mozha', 2012


Publisher: Dar Al Adab, Beruit - Lebanon.

Order here

'Daleel Al Estikhdam', 2014

Creative Narrative Book.

Publisher: Azminah, Jordan.

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Read the English Translation of the first two chapters of my  book. Translator and Publisher: The Common Literary Magazine, Massachusetts - USA.


Fairooz vill lyfta invandrarföretagare

Interview in 'Ingenjoren Magasin'

Page 18

Poem in Portuguese and Spanish. Page 11-  Proximo Futuro.

Publisher: Gulbenkian Program of Contemporary Culture


I have written for years in the Middle East newspapers about culture, women and human rights issues. When I came to Sweden I wrote for two years in Sydsvenskan. Below are some links to my articles there.


Bildningsbaren#7 om svenskhet with Cecilia Nebel

and Mats Greiff, Qaisar Mahmood and Agnes Lidbeck.

I join the talk at minute 45.20




Sudsvenskan about the multi-cultural event I produced during SommarLund

Hon vill visa upp mångfalden i Lund


On svensktnaringsliv about international entrepreneurs:

Does Sweden hate international entrepreneurs?



Arabisk stand up intar scenen på Lunds humorfestival

Interview for Individuell Manniskohjalp (IM) by Lisa Jalakas

Hon vill göra fler nyanlända kvinnor framgångsrika


A Portrait in Sydsvenskan by Emma Hedlin

Företagarandan känner inga gränser