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Since I arrived to Sweden, I gave numerous talks about issues of integration, entrepreneurship and cross-cultural Issues. I am available to talk about these topics in the format of a lecture, workshop or interview.

Speaking about integration during Skåne Innovation Week 2015

Integration through Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an important integration tool. My work with entrepreneurs from outside the EU helps them start their companies and build their networks in Sweden, understanding their unique needs, since I have myself gone through the full cycle of all the problems that a foreign born entrepreneur might go through.

Women Entrepreneurship

In my work with entrepreneurs,I have a special focus on foreign born women, for a simple reason: I believe that women (especially coming from the Middle East) are the ones who mainly set the standards of their families' life. They take more responsibility than the man when it comes to raising their children. A strong mother raises a strong child and I believe that financial independence is the first step to strengthen women and mothers.

I designed of the first business accelerator in Sweden for foreign born entrepreneurs from outside the EU. They were 24 persons divided on 15 teams. Six nationalities were presented in this accelerator, one third of the participants were women, and the accelerator program consisted of 8 modules that ran over 6 months, followed by another six months of mentorship. I delivered this with partners from the public and private sectors.

I am also a co-founder of the International Business Women Network, an initiative that aims at empowering international women in Skåne.


Another great tool for integration is culture. A person with a proud identity is always productive and open. But I think of culture as a tool also to be self-sufficient, since we have a clear research results showing how tough is it for a foreign born person to get a job. I work to transfer the arts and culture work into a tool to be self-supported. I partner with great companies, organizations and people to do this. In this aspect I initiated the 'Immigrants Stand-Up Comedy Network' and I am working now to build a platform for international artists and cultural workers in Skåne/Öresund.

Women Rights

Being a woman who lived in different countries in the Middle East all her life, being a mother of two boys, who immigrated to Sweden as an entrepreneur, I am in a position to talk about the difficulties an immigrant woman face in many aspects of her life in Sweden. I focus on young women, try to show them role models and to talk about the conflicting demands of life in Sweden; between the family other identity and the society's pressing needs.


With the recent waves of immigration from the Middle East, where most of the immigrants are Muslims, I believe that the policy makers in Sweden and the different actors in the public sector and even the private sector, need to know more about the background of the new Swedes, understand the sensitive aspects of the culture, know more about why are things the way they are, in a safe environment where they can pause questions without being judged. In my talks I offer some of my knowledge, experience and stories.



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