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- Speaker and moderator about diversity, integration or cross-cultural issues

- Columnist / Editor in newspapers/magazines writing about integration, immigration or culture

- Business advisor:  for social businesses and start-ups, especially immigrant social entrepreneurships and women entrepreneurships.

- Cross-cultural consultant: helping businesses, politicians, organizations and individuals understand the culture of immigrants coming from the Middle East and communicate and deal with the sensitive issues related to integration. I work with municipalities in Sweden who are offering programs/projects targeting immigrants to enable them to communicate better with their target audience and attract them to participate.

- Idea generator and concept developer: translating company's/organization's strategic objectives into projects or concepts that enable the company/organization to achieve these objectives.

- Project Manager: I manage projects from concept to delivery. I focus on long-term as well as short-term objectives. I have special interest in projects related to integration, culture, women and entrepreneurship.

- Cultural Producer: of events/conferences and shows related to diversity, culture, women.


'Talk so I can see you' : With two generous grants by the Swedish Institute, I designed the concept of an audio book targeting the blind Arab teenagers and the refugee teenagers in 6 countries in the Middle east. Contemporary Swedish literature was translated into Arabic, produced as radio theater, and 10,000 copies were distributed in Iraq, Jordan (including refugee camps), Morocco, Palestine, and Egypt. This project  partners were Theater Without Borders and Raneen.

I designed the first two business accelerators in Sweden for foriegn born entrepreneurs from outside the EU, one between 2014-2015 (only design) and the second (design and implementation) from 2016-2017.

I am a co-founder of the  International Business Women Network, an initiative that aims at empowering international women in Skåne.

Immigrants Business Accelerator

Entrepreneurship is an important integration tool. my work with entrepreneurs from outside the EU helps them start their companies and build their networks in Sweden, with a special focus on helping foreign born women start their companies, as I believe that foreign born women are capable of setting the standards of their families' life.

A strong mother raises a strong child. and I believe that financial independence is the first step to strengthen women and mothers.

If you can't make a joke then you still feel you are a guest. You don't feel at home



Stand Up comedy Network

In March 2017 I founded the Immigrants Stand Up Comedy Network-Scandinavia.

This network is aiming at empowering immigrants in the Nordic countries through humor and identity reinforcement and to engage them in the cultural life of their cities and utilizing their creativity.

Network debut was during Lund Comedy Festival 2017.

Arts, culture and humor as tools for integration

I believe that a person can't be a natural part of a group if s/he isn't feeling equal, and I translate this to being productive, financially independent and proud of own identity.

Hence, I started projects that connects immigrants to the cultural life of their cities, enabling them to contribute to the diverse scene of their new home.

Sydsvenskan coverage for one of the events:

Hela världen finns här i Lund men vi ser den inte


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