'Daleel Al Estikhdam', 2014

My third book, in Arabic. The name translates into: 'The User Manual'. Not a novel but a creative narrative.

Publisher: Azminah Publishing House, Amman - Jordan.

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Read the English Translation of the first two chapters of my  book.

Translator and Publisher: The Common Literary Magazine, Massachusetts - USA.

Some of my poems translated to Portuguese and Spanish on page 11 of the Proximo Futuro.

Fairooz vill lyfta invandrarföretagare

Interview in 'Ingenjoren Magasin'

Page 18


'Thalathoon', 1998

My first novel. the names means: the number 30.

Award winner of 'The best Arabic Creative Writing' 1999. Publisher: Department of Culture, Sharjah - UAE.

Out of Order. (New Edition will come out early 2019)

'Ka'anaha Mozha', 2012

My second novel.

Publisher: Dar Al Adab, Beruit - Lebanon.

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I have written for years in the Middle East newspapers about culture, women and human rights issues. When I came to Sweden I wrote for two years in Sydsvenskan. Below are some links to my articles there.


Bildningsbaren#7 om svenskhet with Cecilia Nebel

and Mats Greiff, Qaisar Mahmood and Agnes Lidbeck.

I join the talk at minute 45.20




Interview for Individuell Manniskohjalp (IM) by Lisa Jalakas

Hon vill göra fler nyanlända kvinnor framgångsrika


A Portrait in Sydsvenskan by Emma Hedlin

Företagarandan känner inga gränser


Sudsvenskan about the multi-cultural event I produced during SommarLund

Hon vill visa upp mångfalden i Lund


On svensktnaringsliv about international entrepreneurs:

Does Sweden hate international entrepreneurs?



Arabisk stand up intar scenen på Lunds humorfestival


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